Recycled Materials

Our base block, green board, is manufactured with recycled materials mixed with conventional cement sheeting processes. The result is the green board helps the environment and gives a fantastic stable product.

All-Natural Products

Green board has excellent thermal efficiencies, rated at R 2.7 and amazing sound abatement of 44 dB.

In the making of our stone products, we use all natural materials; there are no cements or heavy products – the reconstituted stone is all natural.

Part of a Deigned Eco-System

In designing the product, it was important to be as energy efficient as possible. With the cost of energy rising regularly, it was essential to help our customers save on these costs and greenhouse gases, and be kind to the environment.

As well as an insulation rating of R 2.7 and 44 dB sound abatement, our products boast a 2.5 hour fire rating as well.

Insulation – Combination of Energy Efficiencies Available

Asexperienced licenced builders, we can assist in construction of a new home or renovation for you. We can cater for any residential or commercial building requirement.